The NBCLT applauds federal investment in protection of natural areas

Yesterday, the Government of Canada announced a historic $1.3 billion investment over 5 years in nature conservation. This includes $500 million for a new Nature Fund to “secure private land, support provincial and territorial species protection efforts, and help build Indigenous capacity to conserve land and species, for our benefit and the benefit of future generations.”

Without knowing the details of the allocation framework, it is important to take some time today to thank the Government of Canada for this landmark investment in protected natural places. The $1.3 billion will fund efforts by public bodies and private organizations to meet a national and international target of 17% protected lands by 2020.

So to the Government of Canada, thank you for reinforcing the 17% target and investing resources toward achieving it by 2020. To the taxpayers of Canada, the New Brunswick Community Land Trust and another 100 national, community and regional land trusts across the country commit to working efficiently, passionately and collaboratively to be exceptional stewards of existing and future protected lands. We will work together toward conserving the tremendous natural diversity reflected in our country’s landscape.

To read the excerpt from the 2018 Budget, see here.

In New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Community Land Trust will continue to work with local landowners, partner organizations and its incredibly dedicated group of volunteers, to ensure that working farm and forestland is conserved with sound stewardship, safeguarding these lands to remain productive and available to contribute to our prosperity in the future.



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