Surveys for Landowners

The purpose of these surveys is to gauge Maritime woodlot owners’ interest in both working land easements and forest carbon offsets.

Working Land Easements 

A working land easement is a unique tool that allows landowners to protect the ecological values of their land. Working land easements are legally-binding, voluntary agreements that are made between a landowner and a Land Trust. The agreement transfers certain land use rights from the landowner to the Land Trust to ensure that the property is sustainably managed. For example,  working land easements often permanently restrict a landowner’s right to subdivide their property or clear cut large areas of their forest.

Working land easements are unique in that they are drafted to be as flexible as possible in order to promote the continued use of the land for sustainable forestry and/or agriculture. When the land is sold, the new landowner is similarly held to the conditions of the easement.

If you need more information on forest carbon offsets prior to filling out this survey, please click here. 

New Brunswick Woodlot Owners

Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners

PEI Woodlot Owners 

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